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Fractures of the Tibial Spine

This condition is a fracture of a portion of the tibia, also called the shin bone, in the knee joint. The tibial spine is a specialized ridge of bone in the tibia where the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) attaches. This ligament is important in maintaining flexibility and stability in the knee.

The tibial spine is most often fractured from severe injury or trauma to the knee that places severe stress on the ACL. This ligament stress can pull tiny fragments of the bone away from the tibia.

The most common symptom of a tibial spine fracture is acute pain in the front or center of the knee. Patients may also notice swelling, bruising, or weakness in the knee.

The most common treatment option for a less severe fracture is immobilization of the leg in a brace or cast with the knee slightly bent for several weeks. In addition, the fracture may be treated with rest and anti-inflammatory medications. Severe cases may require surgery.

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