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Mini Incision Total Knee Replacement

Mini-incision Total Knee Arthroplasty, also called MIS TKA, replaces the damaged and painful areas of the knee joint with metal and polyethylene plastic parts. The MIS total knee procedure is performed through an incision that is smaller than the incision used for traditional total knee replacement surgery. This technique reduces blood loss and pain and allows for a shorter recovery.

Femur Reshaped
The damaged portions of the femur bone and cartilage are cut away. The end of the femur is reshaped to allow a metal femoral component to fit in place.

Femur Component Attached
A metal component is attached to the end of the femur with bone cement.

Tibia Reshaped
The damaged portion of the tibia bone and cartilage are cut away. The end of the tibia is reshaped to receive the metal tibial component.

Tibia Component Inserted
The metal tibia component is secured to the end of the tibia with bone cement.

Insert Attached
A polyethylene insert is attached to the metal tibial component. The insert will support the body's weight and allow the femur to glide over the tibia.

Components Joined
The tibia, with its new polyethylene surface, and the femur, with its new metal component, are put together to form a new knee joint.

Patella Component Attached
To make sure the patella (the knee cap) glides smoothly over the new artificial knee, its rear surface is prepared. A polyethylene component is cemented into place on the back of the patella.

End Of Procedure
The new parts of the knee joint are tested by flexing and extending the knee.

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