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Fracture of the Talus

This condition occurs when the talus, a bone that connects the foot and ankle, develops a fracture from a severe impact or fall. The talus is an important bone of the foot, as it aids in walking on uneven ground and in weight transfer across the ankle joint.

The most common cause of talus fractures is severe trauma to the foot, often from a motor vehicle accident or a fall. Talus fractures can also develop from sports that require footwear without proper ankle support, such as ice skating and snowboarding.

Common symptoms of a talus fracture are pain when walking, tenderness on the top of the foot or front of the ankle, weakness of the foot, and swelling. A severe fracture may break through the skin.

Treatment options include use of a cast, splint or brace, rest, and crutches. In cases where the bones of the foot and ankle have moved out of alignment, surgery may be required.

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