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Jones Fractures

This condition is a fracture of the foot's fifth metatarsal, the bone that attaches to the base of the small toe. A Jones fracture refers only to a fracture that occurs at the proximal end of this bone - the end of the bone closest to the ankle.

Jones fractures are caused by overuse, repetitive stress, or trauma. They can be caused by inversion injuries of the ankle, which occur when the foot is twisted inward. Jones fractures can develop gradually or occur suddenly. They often occur without a direct impact or significant injury, and may be mistaken for a sprain.

Symptoms include pain at the middle and outer side of the foot, bruising, swelling, and difficulty walking.

A Jones fracture is typically treated by immobilizing the leg in a short leg cast. Surgery may be the treatment of choice for some athletes or other active people, or in cases where the fracture fails to heal.

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