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Midfoot Fusion

This surgical procedure is performed to help relieve pain in the foot and correct deformities in the midfoot caused by injury, trauma, arthritis, or genetic defect. The procedure fuses any combination of the navicular, cuboid and cuneiform bones in the midfoot.

The patient is positioned so that the top of the foot is clearly visible to the surgeon. Anesthetic is administered and the area is cleaned and sterilized.

Accessing The Midfoot
An incision is made on the top of the foot and the area around the midfoot bones is examined. If there is significant damage to the tissue in the joints between the bones, the remaining cartilage is removed. If the foot is misaligned, the bones are repositioned.

Fusing The Joints
Screws and/or plates are inserted through the bones to hold them in place for fusion. At times, bone graft is placed in the joint areas between the bones.

End Of Procedure
The incision is closed with sutures or surgical staples. The ankle is often placed in a specialized brace or half-cast that will allow for swelling after the procedure.

After Care
Weight should not be applied to the foot for at least six weeks after the surgery. A walking cast will then be required for at least another six weeks. Full recovery usually takes up to ten months.

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