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Basal Joint Surgery

Pain in the basal joint caused by arthritis makes it difficult for patients to grip and hold or twist objects between the thumb and fingers. This surgical procedure removes and rebuilds the basal joint.

Accessing The Joint
An incision is created at the lower section of the thumb and the wrist area where the basal joint is located.

Joint Removed
The surgeon removes the diseased joint by cutting and clearing away the lower portion of the thumb metacarpal and also removing the trapezium bone at the base of the thumb.

Tendon Reshaped
A section of tendon (or graft) is taken from another part of the patient's own wrist or arm and reshaped into a bundle that will fit into the cleared joint.

End Of Procedure
The graft bundle is placed into the joint space. After the surgery site heals, the bundle of tendon graft will act as a cushion for the new basal joint.

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