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Pediatric Femoral Fractures

This serious injury is a break of a child's thigh bone, called the femur. Because the femur is the largest and strongest bone in the body, this type of injury is relatively uncommon, accounting for only a small percentage of all pediatric fractures.

Pediatric femoral fractures are caused by trauma to the thigh, such as from a hard fall or a direct blow. The femur can break cleanly or into a spiral or splintered pattern.

Symptoms include severe pain and swelling and an inability to walk on the injured leg. In some cases, a broken bone may puncture the skin.

Treatment options depend on the age and size of the child and the severity of the break. The physician may be able to realign the bones without surgery and place the leg in a cast. In severe cases, surgery may be needed to realign the bones, and pins or rods may be needed to hold the bones together.

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