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Revision Hip Surgery

This surgery replaces worn artificial hip parts and damaged bone with new metal, plastic or ceramic components. The new components restore normal hip joint stability.

First, the femur is separated from the pelvis, and the worn artificial parts are removed. To remove the old femoral component, the bone around it may need to be cut into sections. This procedure is called an osteotomy.

Segments Cleaned
The bone segments are cleaned of old cement, the new metal femoral component is pressed into place. Acrylic cement may be used. Wires are used to close the bone segments tightly around the component. The wires may also hold struts of bone graft in place to strengthen the femur.

Hip Socket Cleaned
Next, the hip socket is cleaned. Morselized bone (bone in particle form) may be used to strengthen the hip socket and replace lost bone. Wire mesh may also be inserted to hold the socket's shape.

New Socket Inserted
A new metal socket shell and liner are pressed into place. Screws may be needed to secure the shell.

End Of Procedure
The reconstructed femur and hip socket are connected to form the new hip joint.

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