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Total Hip Replacement

During this procedure, your damaged hip joint is replaced with implants that recreate the ball and socket of a healthy hip. This can reduce pain and restore your hip function.

In preparation for the procedure, you are anesthetized. The surgeon creates an incision to expose your hip joint. The damaged head of your femur is removed.

Pelvic Implant
The surgeon carefully removes damaged cartilage and bone from your hip socket. A metal socket is placed into the cavity. Bone cement or screws may secure it in place. The surgeon presses a liner into the socket. The liner creates a smooth surface that will allow the joint to move freely.

Femur Implant
The surgeon now focuses on the femur implant. First, the end of the femur is hollowed out. A long, narrow implant called a "stem" is placed into the femur. Then the top of the stem is fitted with a ball. The ball is placed into the socket, and the joint is tested.

End Of Procedure And Aftercare
When the procedure is complete, the incision is closed and bandaged. You will be monitored as your anesthesia wears off. Your healthcare provider will give you instructions to help your recovery.

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