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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Janice K Gearhart

  • Shoulder replacement

“Dr. Meredith Heisey recently replaced my left shoulder, she has also repaired both rotator cuffs, and put my wrist back together after a fall while I out of the country. Dr. Heisey does not sugar coat the situation, she tells it like it is and I admire her for that. She and her team are excellent, there to take care of my every need and they listen, I have never been made to feel like I am just a number. I absolutely will go straight to her if the need arises.”

Karl H Bruning

  • Two knee replacements, left hip replacement in 2016
Karl H Bruning's photo

“Finished Lansing Turkey Trot 5k on 11/28/19 with a time of 44:40

Finished Playmakers Holiday Classic 5k on 12/24/19 with a time of 43:45

My age is 82

Thank you Dr. Cochran:

Replacements implanted in 2016. Do not feel them at all. No pain after long runs! I run 2 miles every day and get a little faster.”

Tom N

  • Right Knee Replacement

“Two weeks ago today I had my right knee completely replaced by Dr. Taunt. He is simply the best. Yes I do have some swelling and stiffness but how many can say that they are at 116 degrees of flex at this stage. In regards to the staff at McLaren , everyone was professional and knew what they were doing. It was a great experience. ”

Joy Ketchum

  • Left Knee Total Replacement

“After 5 prior surgeries on my left knee, 3 scopes and 2 Patella Femoral Joints Replaced, surgery number 6 on March 5, 2019 was a complete success. Dr. Taunt and his team did a total knee replacement. Its been 6 months since my surgery and I am very happy with the results. I am able to take part in things I have been missing for the last 16 years. Thank Dr. Taunt ”

Nick Sachjen

  • Dislocated Calcaneus and fracture, Talus fracture, and Tibial plateau fracture
Nick Sachjen's photo

“On November 16th, 2018 my work ladder slid out from underneath me while coming off of a 25 foot roof. I fell about 20 feet and landed on both of my feet. I shattered my right heel and ankle and I broke my left knee. Eleven hours after my injury they wheeled me into surgery with Dr. Swords. 10 screws, two plates, and three pins later I was in the hospital for two weeks and in Mary Free Bed Physical Rehabilitation for another week. I am thankful Dr. Swords treated me. Since my injury he has answered a lot of questions for me and has assured me I was going to heal up well. Despite my own mental and physical anguish he was completely supportive. His bed side manner is top notch and he is just a nice and down to earth guy. I would tell anyone who needs a Orthopedic surgeon to see Dr. Swords. He has an amazing staff and he has made the overall experience so much better for me. My healing time is about a year and a half to be 100 percent. Every step of the way he has been behind me. Great surgeon and a great guy. Thank you!”


  • Fracture of right tibial plateau , 12/2018
M.S.L.'s photo

“I am very grateful to Dr. Swords. After a traumatic fall from a ladder where I broke my knee in 3 pieces, Dr. Swords excellent work allowed me to walk in 4 months. I was able to get back to work in only four months after surgery. Today I am thankful for the magnificent care and attention of the Doctor, P.A.Wendy, and all his office staff. I fully recommend Dr. Swords and his team and would request his help again if necessary. Thank you Doctor, I am grateful to be walking again!”

Wendy Aikin

  • Ritght and Left total knee replacement

“I wish to say thank you to Dr. Jason Cochran for doing my surgery so quickly and having such good results. I am only four weeks after the left knee surgery and I have no pain. I had heard nothing but good things about him and now I see why. He does really good work and makes peoples lives better. ”

Muk the Magnificent

  • Left & Right hip replacement. Right ankle realign and repair

“Dr Taunt replaced both my hips, did excellent job. Dr Swords realigned and repaired my dislocated and severely broken right ankle, also did excellent job. Both provided top notch treatment,from initial contact through final recovery. Also the staff here is very competent and professional. 5 Star Generals, ha ha. Thank you for providing me with excellent care.”

Marcia P.

  • knee surgeries

“In May of 2018 I fell and crumbled my knee cap and pulled the tendon off of my left knee. Dr. Cochran repaired my tendon and fixed my knee cap as well as it could be fixed. I was in a care home for 30 days. As I was leaving the care home, I fell in the parking lot and my knee went under my car, I damaged and burnt my left knee again. I had to be taken to the hospital again and put in the care home for another month. I had an appointment for a recheck with a Dr. in St. Johns, I guess he was involved in my first surgery. I was out of the care home for 2 days when I had to go to the St. Johns Dr.. I was again admitted to Sparrow Hospital where Dr. Cochran discovered that I had MRSA, VRSA, and VRE infections. Dr. Cochran then replaced my knee with an antibiotic spacer. I went back to the care home for another month. April 15, 2019 Dr. Cochran replaced the spacer with a knee and again had to repair the tendon in my knee. I was looking at perhaps having my leg amputated or having my knee fused, because of the damage that I had done during my falls. Because of Dr. Cochran's skill, I now have a working knee, I have to be very careful to not fall again because of the damage that I did to my tendon, but I am very happy with the work Dr. Cochran did! ”

Annette Plarske

  • Left foot.

“In 2016 I was in a bad ATV accident. Two hospitals later no surgery just sewn back together. For the last few years I worked with a brace and special inserts. I could not run or do anything that required my foot to walk over bumpy terrain. So through recommendations from coworkers I went to Dr. Swords. February of this year he went In and repaired a nerve and my tendons that had turned into one big mess. Flash forward to now. I can walk on gravel. I can do small runs. I have a life with minimal pain. He and his staff are amazing. They gave me my life back.. I would recommend them to anyone.. thank you all so very much. ”

Jen C.

  • Left knee total knee replacement
Jen C.'s photo

“I love hiking, shelling, swimming in the ocean, going off road in my Jeep and keeping up with my three children. When my knee pain became so bad that I couldn't do any of the things that bring me joy, I went to see Dr. Cochran. He came highly recommended from an orthopedic surgeon friend of mine. I had my TKR on 1/14/2019 and on March 31, I was playing in the pounding surf in Puerto Rico. Laughing, walking on the beach for hours, kayaking, carrying my kayak through mangrove forests in the dark and fully enjoying life. My pain after surgery was only close to the pain I suffered from my terrible knees on one day. The rest of my rehabilitation has gone so well that I am pleasantly surprised. I can do stairs, walk for miles and am sleeping like a baby. Dr. Cochran is truly a marvelous surgeon and I never once worried about myself in his care. I am getting my right knee replaced in October and I am actually looking forward to it. By December, I will be Christmas shopping with the best of em'. Thank you to Dr. Cochran, his wonderfully kind surgery scheduler and his entire staff. World class!!”


  • Partial hip replacement

“Yesterday upon getting my husband Doug into the truck to leave for his two month post operative follow up with Dr. Michael Swords my Doug fell backwards and badly cut his finger. When Dr. Swords looked at Doug's finger he said it needed stitches and he'd take care of instead of sending us to Urgent Care, which we would of spent the entire afternoon, Swords and his PA Windy went above and beyond . One needs to realize that putting stitches in a finger isn't his forte,,,this act of kindness truly shows Dr. Swords and his staff truly have their patience's best interest. We will always be grateful and very appreciative.

Thank you Dr. Swords and Wendy!!!”

Bruce Corey

  • hip replacement

“just a shout out to doctor mesko and his team for giving me my mobility back, surgery was just over a year, i just returned from Utah skiing and hiking and never felt better {no black diamonds} thanks for everything Doctor”

Ed Tardino

  • Knee Replacement

“ Dr Cochran is awesome and performs his profession at the highest level of excellence. He inserted a antibiotic spacer in my knee after the original replacement became infected and then just inserted my new hardware. I trust him with my life that he will always determine the best treatment to get you back to a healthy normal life.”

Sheila (71)

  • Complete Left Should Replacement

“On June 19th I had a complete left shoulder replacement. Dr. Noud was my surgeon. Prior to meeting with him I had had an MRI and a CAT scan. After he reviewed them he gave me 4 options. Surgery seemed to be the most positive option. We got it scheduled and it was completed. Dr. Noud explained to me that I needed to follow his instructions to the 'T' if I wanted to have a quick and successful recovery. I did and I have. I started physical therapy a week ago. The therapist is totally amazed that I am as far along as I am. She agreed that it is because I followed Dr. Noud's instructions. Hopefully, I will get about 95% use of my left arm, compared to the 65% that I had prior to the surgery. I am grateful to Dr. Noud and all of his staff for their caring and professional approach to my surgery.”