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Loose Body Removal (Knee)

During this minimally-invasive outpatient procedure, the surgeon removes debris from within the knee joint. This debris is usually a piece of bone, cartilage or other tissue that has broken free and is floating within the joint.

In preparation for the procedure, anesthetic is administered. The knee is cleansed with an antiseptic solution.

Accessing The Joint
The surgeon creates a few small openings in the knee. An arthroscopic camera and various arthroscopic instruments are inserted through these ports.

Cleaning The Joint
The surgeon carefully examines the joint to look for any signs of damage or debris. The patient may have one or more loose bodies floating within the joint. The surgeon uses a grasping instrument to remove the debris from the knee. If the debris has caused damage to any of the surfaces in the joint, the surgeon may also perform some repairs.

End Of Procedure And Aftercare
When the procedure is complete, the instruments are removed and the openings are closed and bandaged. The knee will heal during the next few weeks.

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